It’s Monday, not doomsday

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Sometimes, things just suck, and an oversimplified, somewhat-applicable-but-not-really quote just isn’t going to cut it. You’ve got to do the Death March, and just slog through to get to something you actually want. For me, Death Marches usually come just before something awesome.

They’re at the end of a long hike when we’re just trying to get back to the car, or a long day of softball games where we’re better than the team we’re playing, but we still have to not screw up to win the whole thing.

That’s the trick of the Death March. You’re tired. You’re past the fun part and into the grind, but you’re also in a part that can still ruin your trip if you’re not careful. You have to have just as much focus as you’ve had, even though that’s harder to do.

During these times, it can be good to take a step back and try to smile. To have fun and enjoy yourself, even though the slog sucks.

So, here’s a cow to remind us all that maybe we shouldn’t take ourselves too seriously. That it’s good to come up every now and then for a breather and some sunshine. It’ll recharge you and get you ready to finish your Death March!

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