Slow and steady

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Good morning, folks! As I write this, we’ve got over 8.5″ of snow with more probably on the way. I’ll likely work at home for the morning, letting the anticipated crap show that will be traffic pass by while the sun does its lovely work. Sure, the early bird can get the worm, but sometimes the kitty can snatch the early bird. Best to let someone else be breakfast, then harness the resulting antsy-ness (sitting still doesn’t sit well with me) for make-up productivity.

Rub some acetone on it and…don’t call me this morning. I’m sleeping in.

Side note/legal jargon: Everything on this blog is based strictly on my own personal, private views and is completely independent from my current employer unless otherwise explicitly stated. In no way, shape, or form is my current employer responsible for any written content on this blog, though I may borrow the occasional picture with appropriate permissions and credits.



  1. Happy March, happy beginning of the real winter, and happy annual nose-thumb to ‘human-caused global warming’-gotta love the snow!


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