Use internal motivation for external results

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Why do you come to work everyday? Without a solid reason, we end up just going through the motions, but when we have a purpose, we show up to work and actually do work. The purpose can be driven by your company’s goals, your own career goals, or your own personal goals. In an ideal world, those all align nicely.

Work can suck. You can be underemployed, under appreciated, in the wrong field, or just have a flat-out tough job that you dread going to. It can be easy to get caught in a negative spiral where all you do is think about the parts of your job that you hate. This puts you in a worse mood, which causes more negative thoughts, and pretty soon, you’re absolutely miserable and wondering why/how you got to where you are. You’re also probably not being very productive, and that feeling sucks too. It’s disheartening and draining to show up for work and leave with nothing accomplished.

Fortunately, you have the power to control a good bit of this. For starters, read my blog about blasting the productivity doldrums. Getting even one task done feels good. Find something small to do and get it done. This will get your work week started off on the right foot.

Next, get your thoughts and emotions to straighten up. For some reason, we’re led to believe we’re a victim of these. We’re told we have no control over where our minds and hearts go, but that’s not entirely true. We can adjust our thinking and our feelings with some focused , simple work. Want to start feeling better about your job? Start focusing on the positive things about it. Maybe start with being grateful you have a job at all and that your job is in the oil and gas industry.

I’ll get the ball rolling on some positive aspects of your oil and gas job. While I know our industry gets a bad wrap, I’m unabashedly proud to be a part of it. Petroleum powers our world. We stop people from freezing to death in their homes and help make almost every part of the world more accessible. Products made from petroleum have revolutionized medicine and general hygiene, and we’re all part of that process. Those are just a select few positive changes the petroleum revolution has brought about. Take pride in the positive aspects of our industry and try to do something today that helps move it forward, no matter how small an action.

Helping foster energy independence for our country is one reason I chose oil and gas, and being able to do that with a job that can challenge and stimulate me mentally while occasionally getting me outside is even better. Obviously, the giant piles of money to be made don’t hurt either. Figure out your why(s) and hold on to them. Write them down if it helps. On your good days, conduct yourself in a way that moves your “why” forward. On your bad days, flip that around. Reach for your why and use it to move you forward.

Side note/legal jargon: Everything on this blog is based strictly on my own personal, private views and is completely independent from my current employer unless otherwise explicitly stated. In no way, shape, or form is my current employer responsible for any written content on this blog, though I may borrow the occasional picture with appropriate permissions and credits.

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