You’re spelling frack wrong

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These are fighting words, but I have to reveal the industry’s dirty little secret…come closer so I can whisper…you’re spelling frack wrong. There’s a ‘k’ in it. Mr. Webster (i.e. Webster’s dictionary) has weighed in on the topic and rendered a verdict from an unconcerned but knowledgeable third party.
While you’ve fought a noble fight, your reasons for spelling it ‘frac’ are deeply flawed. Some people like to point out there’s no ‘k’ in ‘fracturing.’ Well, there’s no ‘o’ in ‘hydraulic’ either, but I don’t see you going around talking about all the ‘hydras’ on various hydraulically powered machines. If you started saying your work involves hydra frac’ing, people might think you should wear a helmet all the time. Speaking of helmets, do you ride a ‘bic’ anywhere? No? How about a bike? If you find the ‘k’ in the word bicycle, I’ll give you $10,000 by forwarding it to you through Western Union because my cousin’s third aunt twice removed lives overseas and wants to buy your car. All you have to do is give me your bank account number, social security number, and a key to your house so I can forward you the money. Whoops…side track.
I get that maybe the “other side,” uses ‘k,’ and it might hurt your pride to admit they’re right about something in the frack debate, but honestly, since that’s pretty much the only thing they’re right about, cut them some slack (not slac) and let them have this small victory. After all, this victory will turn around on them because ‘frack’ is easier for the lay person to read and understand.  Thus, they will better understand all the great and wonderful things fracking has done for them because they won’t waste so much time trying to figure out if the word you’ve typed is pronounced ‘frace’ or ‘frack’ or something like ‘brass’ but beginning with an ‘f.
Ladies and gentlemen of the petroleum world, it’s time to follow Elsa the Ice Queen’s example and just “Let it Go,” when it comes to the ‘k’ in frack. Let your grammar and pronunciation skills be on full display and stop holding on to the outdated and flawed way of doing things. Show all interested parties that we can move forward and admit when we’re wrong. We’re not accustomed to having to do it because it happens so rarely (I was wrong once…it was a Tuesday), but we must be the bigger (wo)man in this debate and fess up to our mistakes. Join me in my frack revolution. Spread the knowledge. Improve our industry.
Shout out to Liberty Oilfield Services for the excellent picture!

Rub some acetone on it and call me in the morning.

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  1. As long as the bankers spell it frack, I will continue to spell it frac, fracing and frac’d. It’s one of the few things that the bankers don’t control yet. Also, it is my personal mission to remove the term DUC from oilfield language. I propose we replace DUC with WTF or waiting to frac. It’s not that I dislike the term DUC, I just think it would be awesome to go into board meetings with WTFs all over the maps.

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