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Hello world! Welcome to my first, but certainly not my last, blog post. When I first heard the word, “blog,” I thought, “What the hell?” After looking it up on the Book of Knowledge and other reputable websites, I’ll settle on the definition I like most. The word “blog” is an abbreviated form of “weblog.” I could go into the intricacies of weblogs and journaling and blah blah blah, but I won’t. You’re quite capable of Googling all that yourself, and this is a petroleum industry blog, not a…blogging blog.

I’m starting this because I want something I can read in the morning that will be a good way to start my day. I want something that will motivate me to work and sometimes feel connected to my industry without boring the daylights out of me. Sure, there are other oil and gas blogs out there with fantastic information, but many of those take themselves pretty seriously and are more investor/investment driven or more technical than I’d care to read before the sun comes up. This blog will not be that.

I want to connect and motivate you. Everything from business discussions, career advice, to just silly quirks…like people’s oddly passionate stance on including or excluding a ‘k’ in the word “frack.” Some of the posts will be longer, and some will be shorter. Some will be interviews with people who have experience that I don’t, some will be curated posts from other sites (appropriate credit and links provided!), and some will be stuff I spout off from the extensive experience and groundbreaking insights I’ve gained in my….4(?) year career so far.

Almost all the posts I write will be dripping with sarcasm and/or a depreciation of myself and most topics I write about. There will be geology puns. Lots and lots of geology puns. Some will be intentional. Many will not. All will rock.

I’m hoping this blog strikes oil rather than a gas pocket that blows up in my face, but only time will tell, hence the name “Wildcatter”. Although not unique, I earned my nickname “the Rock Doc” while giving tours at Dinosaur Ridge during my layoff. My closing line, “rub some acetone on it and call me in morning,” harkens to a real doctor’s (you know, the kind that actually help people) advice of “take some Tylenol and call me tomorrow.”

I’ve found that things really do tend to look better in the morning, acetone or not. Maybe it’s because humans going to sleep and waking up later is similar to “try turning it off and turning it back on again.” I have no idea why or how that works, but it seems 95% of troubleshooting in life and electronics is solved the same way.

Please, leave comments with some topics you’d like covered. I may eventually get an e-mail list going, but for now your best bet is to follow here so you get updated when I publish something new. If/when I do generate an e-mail list, I won’t spam you or sell your information to anyone else without your express permission.

Rub some acetone on it and call me in the morning.

Side note/legal jargon: Everything on this blog is based strictly on my own personal, private views and is completely independent from my current employer unless otherwise explicitly stated. In no way, shape, or form is my current employer responsible for any written content on this blog, though I may borrow the occasional picture with appropriate permissions and credits.

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